February 7, 2020
Hannah Brenner
Why interactive content could be the trend of the year

There are a lot of trends on the rise for 2020, but interactive content could end up on top. 

Thee Digital reported, "91% of buyers are looking for more interactive content online and in 2020, content marketing will shift its focus to give the people what they want."

So, why is interactive content so valuable? 

It's versatile.

Interactive content has so many options!

A few examples include quizzes, games, and even shoppable posts. We'll talk about that last one more a little later. 

Content that is interactive isn't just building brand awareness, when done right it is also easy and fun for potential customers to engage with. 

While those engagements are happening, there's another benefit.

You can learn from it.

Single Grain said, "Quizzes, polls and other interactive content allows the user to provide you with instant feedback, and this means that you not only have their contact info, but you can create more targeted and useful content for them, which naturally leads to brandy loyalty."

That's a huge win for anyone trying to build a brand and a following. 


Shoppable posts get conversions. 

Think about it. 

You want there to be as few steps between your customer seeing something they like and making the purchase. 

Shoppable posts are an immediate link with very minimal effort from the person buying the item. Having less time to rethink their decision might make them more likely to go through with the purchase!


How can you make your content more interactive?