January 16, 2019
Hannah Brenner

Why does local search matter in SEO?

Why does local search matter in SEO? It helps you connect to potential customers or clients in your direct area. This is especially helpful for those that have a storefront or provide a service in person. In that case, your target audience is truly those in your immediate area! So how do you work on your local SEO? Genius Ecommerce says, "There are three key factors: how close you are to the location of the searcher, how relevant you are to the search query and what other customers are saying about your products or services." Some strategies are to include your location throughout your website and post on Google My Business. 

Why is Local Search and SEO Important? - Genius Ecommerce

Local SEO is search engine optimization that helps promote products and services on a local level to customers in your area that are actively looking for them.This confirms your businesses location and displays your business on Google services, local search results, and

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