May 12, 2020
Ryan Henry
Why Unique Product Descriptions are important for Ecommerce sites

Ecommerce sites that carry many products can benefit from the numerous opportunities to add unique content to their website through product descriptions.

There are many reasons to have unique product descriptions.  Search Engine Journal provides a list of 20 reasons why using your own original product descriptions can help your site in many ways including Increased CTR on SERP, More Conversions On-Site, and Increased Organic Traffic to name a few.

It can be daunting and time-consuming to write product descriptions but absolutely necessary and quite beneficial in the long run.

Search Engine Journal reads: "I’ve seen countless websites fail their products in one common way: by not writing powerful, unique product descriptions. People genuinely struggle to write copy that isn’t boring or generic. But you don’t have to be J.K. Rowling to write good copy."

Take some time to evaluate and review your product descriptions and steer free from using the generic stock product descriptions which generally tend not to be very good.  For a complete list of why Ecommerce sites need unique product descriptions visit here.