July 19, 2019
Hannah Brenner

Work on your local SEO

When is the last time your focused some effort on local SEO? 

Local is great for businesses with a storefront that primarily sell in their area. With a little work, you can optimize your site to perform better locally. 

The Sports Daily said, "As your physical address is so important, you need to have it on every page of your website.  The best place for this will be the footer of each page."

If you have multiple locations give them each a separate page. 

Finally, get some good reviews under your belt! They really make a difference and they will build trust with potential customers. 

Basic Guide On How To Optimize Local SEO

Getting reviews is another part of local SEO that is done off your website, but will boost your website ranking.Local SEO is important for all businesses and you need to know how to optimize local search marketing.

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