March 20, 2020
Monica Piccininno
Writing for your readers and your rankings

As with many things in life, content marketing is about a balance. 

On one hand, you want to really optimize for SEO so that you rank well and get visitors to your website!

On the other hand, when those eyes do get to your content you want them to enjoy reading it!

Here are two tips to optimize your content for both readers and rankings.

1. Keep up the keyword research

Keyword research is a great tactic for both SEO optimization and pleasing your readers. 

Those popular keywords should give you a clue as to what is being searched and what people out there want to read about! Plus, integrating those valuable keywords in your writing will help you with your rankings. 

2. Write engaging content to capture their attention

If an article is hastily written just to include keywords for SEO, it might not keep a reader's attention very long. 

Forbes said, "When articles are engaging, we read longer, click more and scroll deeper than we would on a boring piece of content. Google then knows exactly how long you were on that page, where you clicked and whether you made it to the bottom."

When you are writing, remember that your goal should be for the reader to actually read the whole article! That might sound obvious, but when SEO is the main goal that can sometimes get lost. 

A good tip overall is to read your content out loud to make sure it flows well and makes sense. That's the kind of content that will build your rankings, grow your reader base, and generate leads.