November 13, 2018
Hannah Brenner
Why YouTube videos are getting longer

Have you noticed that YouTube videos are getting longer and longer? There's a reason for that! Ad revenue! Wired reported, "As a new study from the Pew Research Center demonstrates, YouTube has been quietly shifting its recommendation system to reward lengthy videos." Possibly in response to this, longer content is being created. Makeup tutorial videos are getting longer, and there have been series-like projects with episodes that are 45 minutes. YouTube is, in some respects, evolving into an entertainment network rather than a platform for short clips. 

YouTube Videos Keep Getting Longer to Drive Ad Revenue

“YouTube has never wanted to be the place of the 30-second video, even though many people still assume one to five minutes is the norm,” says Scott Fisher, CEO and founder of Select Management Group, which counts YouTube superstars like Gigi Gorgeous and LaurDIY amo

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